Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lenovo... The Future of Technology?

Lenovo has created what is considered the hottest of the computers on the market. It is a hybrid that is just as powerful, if not more than the rest and has the clearest HD display out of all of the touchscreen laptops. It's yoga 2 design makes the screen able to completely flip around from a closed laptop to an open tablet.

If you get the i7 processor the computer is much more powerful and makes it much more useful as a laptop. The touch screen also is multi touch which makes it much more useful than the cheaper tablets and makes it much more comparable to the iPad air. As of right not this is the latest and greatest possible technology on the market and more than likely will be until apple releases a new monumental project.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Iphone 5c and 5s Review

Apple has just released the new Iphone 5s as well as the new Iphone 5c. I personally am a really big fan of the 5s because of how powerful it is. They put their brand new a chip inside of it which increases the graphic quality without using more power. This is due to their new 64-bit chip they have put in the new phone. The Iphone 5s also has a very nice slow motion video camera so you can see some exciting moments in your life slowed down to enjoy it even more. As well as the new flash, it is much more responsive and clear.

The reason I like the 5s a lot more than the 5c is also because only the 5s has the fingerprint sensor. I think this is a very useful piece of technology. Because it will not allow anyone else to get into your phone if they steal it or something. The 5c is coming in a bunch of different colors but the power behind it is very weak. Also the screen is not nearly as high of durability. they did a drop test of the two phones from the same height and the 5c shattered and the 5s did not even scratch up a little bit. The other main difference that I like is that the 5s is made of metal and has an aluminum back, whereas the 5c is made of plastic.