Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Silent Apple Release

Last week Apple released their newest product, the iPad mini with retina display. This is very similar to when the iPad was originally released with the retina display. They did not make too big of a deal about it because they feared that if they made a big announcement people would expect a monumental new product. They did this with the iPad Air. They made a very big announcement and they changed the whole look of the worlds most popular tablet.

Not only did the new iPad mini have a retina display, it also came featured with apple's new 64-bit processor. Although the iPhone 5s which also had this processor has been experiencing a lot of crashes with the new processor, the iPad will more than likely have fixed the processor. Overall many people are very disappointed with apple over the last few years.

This is because their products for the most part have not really improved over the last few years whereas the competition's products have been getting much better. For example the new windows surface is nearly as powerful as a computer and can be used as one, and it is also a tablet just like the iPad. It is also the same price as the iPad. The iPad mini with retina will join this list of things that are disappointing to the consumers. Lately whenever Apple has been releasing their products their stock price has dropped every time.