Friday, October 25, 2013

Ipad Air Review and comparison

On Tuesday, October, 22nd Apple released their newest tablet. It's called the Ipad Air. This Ipad is not only much lighter than its previous model it also is much more  powerful. Another plus about the new Ipad is that it is still the same price. Some people were worried that this model would increase in price but they were very happy when it didn't. One thing that disappointed me very much about this Ipad is that they didn't add the new fingerprint scanner.

This is the primary reason I might not get this tablet. Also I am a big fan of buying Ipads used because that way you don't lose nearly as much money. Recently I have done research on the new surface 2 from Microsoft and it was very impressive as well. Microsoft includes Word, Powerpoint, and Excel with the Surface 2 and so Apple just recently announced that Pages, Keynote, and Numbers will all be free for new Apple devices.

If you want these on your Ipad for free but you don't want to buy the new one there is one other I found out. If you have bought either the Iphone 5c or the Iphone 5s then you can download them for free on that device and then it will show up as a free download on your Ipad. Make sure you have the same apple ID on your devices or else this won't work.

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