Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Pros and Cons of updating to IOS7

     Last Month Apple released their newest mobile software by the name of IOS7. Overall the ratings have been for the most part negative. I think this is mainly because people who normally get iPhones like for how simple they are and this new update made it slightly more complex. 

     For the younger crowd though most people very much like the new update. The main downside for people like me though is that there are many glitches and apps are crashing a lot more often. My main complaint though was the music app. They added the iTunes radio to it which is pointless if you have Pandora One because it is the exact same but with ads. 

     Also the app kept crashing as well as the iTunes app. The recent IOS 7.0.3 update though fixed most of the problems. Overall though I am very happy with the new update. I love the new control center because you access almost all of your settings just through swiping up on the screen. Also the new lock screen allows you to swipe anywhere on the screen to unlock it. 

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